The Calendar plugin in Presto

Presto extends the standard plugin

This document is part of the Lino test suite and has been tested using doctest. You can re-play the instructions on this page in the demo project, either interactively in a Django shell session or by writing a script and run it using run. Read also the general documentation about Doctests in Lino. The following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_presto.projects.noereth.settings.doctests')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *


A team is a group of workers responsible for a given activity.

The team of an order is defined by its journal. You can have a same team for different journals, but you cannot have several teams for one journal.

Lino Presto injects a field

class Room
>>> print(
>>>, language="en")
================ ================== ================== =====================
 Designation      Designation (fr)   Designation (en)   Calendar entry type
---------------- ------------------ ------------------ ---------------------
 Garten           Garten             Garden             Outside work
 Umzüge           Umzüge             Moves              Outside work
 Renovierung      Renovierung        Renovation         Inside work
 Haushaltshilfe   Haushaltshilfe     Home help          Inside work
 Heimpflege       Heimpflege         Home care          Inside work
 Büro             Bureau             Office             Office work
================ ================== ================== =====================